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Primary Service Offerings

  We can provide repair, maintenance and reengineering services for a wide range of mailing, packaging, labeling, office and light manufacturing equipment. The list grows every day. Due to our relationship with the other BrainBridge Systems divisions, these services can include network and application integration of production equipment, PLC programming and more.

  If we were to be characterized with any single specialty, it would be mailing and addressing systems. We work with Bell and Howell inserters, Scitex inkjets and Xerox lasers printers (to list a few representative brands). We also service PCs, office equipment and bar code printers (including Datamax/Prodigy and Zebra).

  We provide operator training, and can even outsource machine operation. If you have a machine and your volume has not reached the point to justify a full time operator, or you have peaks you need to get over, we can place an experienced operator at your site when you need them. 


  We offer two modes of pricing. We can establish a service contract; which is financed through a given fixed payment either monthly or quarterly; or we can operate on a time and materials basis. Even on a time and materials contract, you can save money by maintaining a prepaid balance on your account.

  While there are several classes of worker on various jobs, each with its own billing rate, the standard technician rate will serve for an example of the discounting available through prepayment. Normally a technician's time is billed at $75 per hour. However, if you have a prepaid balance, you pay only $50 per hour for this class of service. There are cheaper pay grades (such as cabling assistant), and more expensive (engineer), but this should serve to illustrate the point. We're also happy to provide a cap bid price for any project. Some design and engineering fees may apply to some bidding projects. However, you would be informed well in advance before incurring any billable expense.

  We are very pleased to offer fixed service contracts on any equipment. These typically include some periodic maintenance, and can be negotiated to include parts. Due to the highly variable nature of any such contract, we will have to analyze your particular situation before we can provide a quote. This analysis is free whether you accept the contract or not. All service contracts benefit from the cheaper labor of a prepaid agreement.