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  As mentioned in Pricing, we can operate under a fixed bid, service contract or time and materials basis. Whatever suits your requirements best. Some specific services we provide are listed below, followed by example projects.

Network cabling  PLC Programming/Rework
PC Repair Inkjet Repair/Integration
Production Line Integration Bar Code Printer Service
Repair of Data Collection Devices Work Area Layout
Inserting Machine Service Mailing Equipment Design
Laser Printer Repair And much, much more . . .

Example Projects

  The projects we've chosen to list here were selected to give you a flavor for our work ethic and the types of creative solutions we provide. No effort was made to select a project from each of our categories. Who'd want to read "We maintained the network cabling for a 300,000 square foot facility"?

Xerox Paper "Forcing"

  On both the old 4050 LPS printers, and the newer Docutech printer lines, we have worked with Xerox technicians to allow a customer to print pages that are 6" by 13". On the 4050's, this is out of spec. both ways. On the Docutechs, they have a 8.5" minimum paper width.

  We also made this work on their GBR folder (7" min width) and worked with our BrainBridge and DataRide brethren to assist the customer in programming 2-up data streams, and integrating the printers into their network.

  All of these changes were made without taking anything away from the printer's capabilities, and operator setup is no more complicated than loading the paper.

The "FrankenFolder"

  This device started life as a Bell and Howell hi-cap sheet feeder (a vacuum fed, high capacity folder). As such, it had no local intelligence, and was useless without the inserting machine. We stripped the B&H electronics off it, and gave it a PLC. It can now be rolled around the plant providing folded insert services at the point of need.

  It has operator selectable multi-sheet feed, miss and double detection, production tracking, host machine stop capability and full operator control from either a tethered remote (feed, stop, etc) or a control panel (adjust delays, turn miss detect off, etc). It's become almost a GBR!

Label Splitters

  A customer wanted to increase their production speed, and lower their costs, when printing mailing labels on their Zebra bar code printer. We make a device that allows them to split their 4" x 3" label stock into two or three parts. These are then wound separately on the same rewinder. The BrainBridge division helped the customer write the code to control the label printing.

The Break Buffer

  Scitex 5120 inkjets have the ability to control a stacker based on control codes in the data. The problem with the Scitex control is that it only remembers one break at a time. If there are 10 pieces between the printhead and the stacker, and you hit the stacker on a piece, followed by another hit 6 pieces later, the printer will forget the first break.

  Scitex sells a device to address this. The last time we checked, theirs cost $3500. We developed one that we sell for $1000. With adapters, ours can control any output from any input. It is limited to 15 pieces buffered at a time, but the units can be daisy chained, and there are other ways to extend its "reach" too. For example, if your minimum stack is 6 pieces, you can tell your device that the stacker is 5 pieces away, between the two devices, you now buffer 20 pieces.

  This device is similar to the FrankenFolder in that is has a simple "run time" control set (on/off, reset), and an operators panel for setup. It can also provide a "pass through" for the Scitex machine stop signal. As it is PLC based, it can be readily customized to suit your needs.