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Our specialty is connectivity

  We use our proprietary data translation and forwarding programs to connect you to your customers and suppliers. It doesn't matter whether the data is a file of orders to ship, inventory records, or sports statistics. Our programs will take what you have, turn it into what you want, and send it where you say.

Our automation gives you speedy service

  Once set up, our file format translation engine is able to recognize your file, translate it into the desired output format, and send it on. Many transformations can take place without human intervention. This allows the translation and forwarding to happen in near-real time.

Our flexibility reduces downtime

  You can send your file in through any of our transmission methods. If you normally send via FTP, but that link is down, you can fall back on a direct modem connection or other method without having to notify us. Our system will still recognize your file, and know what to do with it.

Our depth bridges gaps

  If your business partner can only send via email, and you can only receive via FTP, it's no problem! We can either push files to your destination, or post them to a holding area for pickup. With FTP and some modem connections, we can even pull the files from your system on a scheduled basis!

Other Services

  In addition to our data translation and forwarding services, we offer many more specialized services such as duplicate removal, mail listing sorting, and other file management products. We can also help you set up in-house automation and translation programs.

  Please see the Example Use Cases page for descriptions of typical applications.