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General Pricing

  The standard rate for programming is $50 per hour prepaid, or $75 per hour on open account billing. This rate is used for any initial setup and maintenance programming needed.

Standard Translations

  While we're happy to process one time translations, our goal is to provide an ongoing, value-added service. Pricing varies by complexity and volume. It ranges from a $1.00 minimum charge per file to less than a cent per record. Please contact your sales representative for a quote.

Account Terms

  We have three levels of account terms. Initially, almost all accounts are handled as strict prepaid. What this means is that the system examines your account balance each time a file arrives for processing. If you have enough money in your account to cover it, the file is processed. If not, the file is placed in a special holding area, and an email is sent to your designated contact. Once your account has been recharged, any files in the holding area will be processed.

  As your volume increases, and our relationship matures, you can be upgraded to lenient prepaid. At this level, the system will send your contact an email when the account runs out of money, but files will continue to be processed up to your credit limit (initially $100).

  Large, or well established, firms can qualify for open account billing. There is a 50% surcharge for this service ($75 per hour for programming, vs. $50, etc..). The prepaid discount still applies, but many customers prefer the convenience of one itemized monthly bill.